Club Circus USA
An Experience Like None Other...

As Seen at    .   .   .
 "Spooky World"
"Nightmare New England"
"Funway Park"
"Market Street Lynnfield"
"Salem Country Club"

Looking for an over the top, fun filled, anything goes, entertainer?
We got it.. It's called Club Circus USA. 

Typically we focus on children's parties, offering giveaways, prizes 
and crazy surprises.
Ask us about Club Circus USA. We customize your event.

Club Circus for Adults too

Club Circus USA isn't only for Children's Parties. We are known for our over the top room transformations. 

We offer everything from MTV quality dancers and performers
to extravagant silk gymnasts and street performers.

Let us transform your next event into something special.
Your guests will talk about it forever.

These events are also customized to fit the client's needs.

The video below is from our opening night at
 Spooky World's Nightmare New England 2013

Our Club Circus Option is one that entails just about anything you can
 dream up... Theme weddings and Parties to light shows that will 
blow your mind.

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